The Wholesale FBA Model was created to help you leverage big brands through the power of wholesale to easily replicate what’s already working on Amazon.

Amazon has different business models but Wholesale FBA is the safest among all. This model allows you to start a business with less investment and risk involved. Safecare has always given the best Roadmap for beginners and that’s why Safecare encourages every Pakistani to earn at least 1000$ per month by learning and working on the Amazon Wholesale FBA business model.

Program Outline

Duration: 2 Months
Mode of Training: Face-to-Face & Online

Class 1: Introductions & Overview

  • What is an Ecommerce business?
  • Introduction to Amazon & Why we choose Amazon?
    1. What is Amazon
    2. Why do we choose Amazon vs other marketplaces
  • Introduction of Amazon Models
    1. Wholesale ( FBA & FBM )
    2. Online Arbitrage
    3. Private Label
    4. Advantages and disadvantages of each model
  • Difference between FBA, and FBM.
  • Buyer and Seller Overview.
  • Offering VA Services to Clients, Presenting Yourself, Discussing Terms, Goals and Growth Plan

Class 2: Getting Familiar with Tools

  • Amazon Page Overview
  • Tools & Extensions Required for Product Hunting.
    1. Keepa
    2. Smart Scout
    3. FBA Tool Kit
    4. Scan Unlimited / Wholesale Inspector / Amz Analyzer / Rocket Source

           Detailed Keepa Graph Analyzation

Class 3: Product Hunting

  • Product Hunting Criteria & Techniques
    1. Hunting Via Keepa
    2. Manually hunting
    3. Reverse Sourcing

Class 4: Brands Hunting & Distributor Research

  • Finding Brands Through Smart Scout
  • Hunting Brands through Reverse Sourcing

      Distributor Research

  • Class 5: Product Sheet Analyzation
  • How to scan product sheets?
  • Analyzing products from large scanned sheets
  • Use Keepa to scan and analyze large supplier sheets


  • Class 6: Logistics and Seller Central

    • Introductions to Seller Central
    • How to add offers?
      1. Understanding Amazon listings
      2. Winning the buy box on Amazon
      3. How to add variations?
      4. Understanding FBA and FBM offers on the list
    • Checking Hazmat and Dangerous Goods & How to Deal With It
    • Creating Shipping Plans Using New Workflow
      1. Checklist before creating a shipment plan
      2. How to create a shipment plan
    Repricers and Repricing Strategies

  • Class 7: Fiverr Introduction

    • Introduction to Freelancing
    • Fiverr Introduction
    • Gig Research & Setup
    • Portfolio Management